Combining pleasure with purpose, from the bean we grow to the bar you savor, the quality of our chocolate comes down to the craft, care and quality we bring to our process.

How does pleasure take shape? Learn for yourself.

“Tasting chocolate is like listening to a symphony, and DOVE® Chocolate is like the Philharmonic,” says Lisa Schroeder, DOVE® Chocolate Expert Taster. “DOVE® Chocolate is a bean-to-bar process, from the quality of the beans we select, to the roasting, to the finished product, we’re tasting throughout that entire process.” 

From bean to bar, here's how it's done.


A photograph of the inside of a freshly picked cacao pod.

Our cocoa-growing origins include Côte D’Ivoire and Ecuador, where the cocoa is farmed using traditional methods, with agricultural practices that are always being improved thanks to our research into plant science and Cocoa For Generations Plan. 

The cocoa is harvested, collected and opened by hand, before being fermented, naturally breaking down the beans to allow the chocolate flavor and color to develop. 

Finally, it is dried, bagged and shipped for us to continue the process in our plants.


A photograph of cocoa nibs in an industrial setting

We clean and winnow the beans, removing the shells to leave only the roasted cocoa nibs. 

Using a process rooted in European tradition, the cocoa nibs are then treated to modify color and create a milder flavor. This is called Dutching. 

The nibs are then roasted, ground and mixed before Roll Refining, a process of refining the cocoa into micro-particles to achieve our signature silky-smooth texture. The mixture is then blended, heated, cooled and reheated, to create the perfect DOVE® Chocolate.


A photograph of a Dove Promise Candy being lifted out of melted chocolate.

Last of all, after plenty of quality checks, we mold the chocolate into your favorite product, before wrapping it, ready for you to enjoy.