How to Fall Back in Love With Reading

Do you find that books have taken a bit of a back seat in your life because you’re just so busy? Well, here’s how to reignite that love of reading. It will get you switching off your devices, sitting down with a coffee, some PROMISES® and an awesome book. And that’s going to make you feel better and happier than you can imagine.

Read what you want

1. Read what you want to

Do you feel you should read the classics? Or that new book that everyone is talking about but you don’t really like the sound of? Or that novel you keep reading one page of but then putting down again because it’s a bit dull? Well, here’s an idea: Forget about those ‘shoulds’ and read whatever takes your fancy. That could be a rom-com or a twisty-turny thriller or a dystopian fantasy. This is supposed to be fun, guys!


2. Search out book accounts on social media

Maybe because you’ve lost your reading mojo, you not up on the latest books and feel a bit overwhelmed when you walk into a bookstore? This is where social media can be really useful because there are hundreds of book bloggers and book clubs who post reviews and provide inspiration.


3. Join a library

Was the last time you walked into a library at high school? Well, maybe it’s time to change that. Not only are libraries a treasure trove of books, but the librarians really know their stuff and are great at giving recommendations. Plus, of course, the books are free. What’s not to love?


4. Try short stories

Ever picked up a book and just thought it looked really long? And that you were sure it was great but you’d have to save it for when you were next on vacation? If that’s the case, how about giving short stories a try? You can polish one off on your journey home from work. And it’s a great way to discover new authors without investing too much of your time.

Consider audio books

5. Consider audiobooks

Imagine being able to read when you’re working out or driving or cleaning the house? Well, you can, and, no, we’re not suggesting running with a paperback which would be downright dangerous! Audiobooks are a great hands-free option which enable you to ‘read’ when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. That’s not all audiobooks have going for them either. Sometimes after a long day, we just feel too tired to read, especially if we’ve been staring at screens all day long, and audiobooks are more relaxing way to enjoy a story.


6. Create a TBR (to be read) list

Once you start getting back into reading, you’re bound to start finding more and more books you have to read, and this is where a TBR list can be fun. If you’re a goal-orientated person you can even set yourself a reading challenge on Goodreads. Beware though, this can get pretty addictive.


7. Join a book group

Sometimes chatting about books is all it takes to reignite that love for them, so starting or joining a book group is worth considering. You’re bound to discover some books you’d never have chosen but that you love. Of course, they’ll be some you’re not so keen on too, although interestingly these can often provoke the best chat.


8. Carve out some sacred reading time

Building something into your routine is a sure-fire way of making it happen so why not find a regular little window of time for reading? Maybe you always have half an hour with a coffee, a bowl of PROMISES® and a book when you first get home from work? Or maybe your gym sessions are always accompanied by an audiobook?

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