Sometimes it feels like all our obligations are to other people – our families, our friends, our community... And it’s so hard to dedicate the personal time to that we need to really crush our own goals. So this is us asking you to make a promise to yourself that could make your life better – science-approved! Here are five promises to get you going…


I promise… to be kind to myself.

There is an abundance of research showing that people who practise self-compassion reap benefits in their emotional health and in their everyday lives. Reducing stress and increasing productivity, try to actively embrace the practice of being kind to yourself. 

So instead of beating yourself up when things go wrong, try to replace your self-critical approach with the compassion you would offer a loved one.

Start the day off

I promise…  to start the day off right

Let’s be honest, for many of us mornings involve hitting the snooze button multiple times before launching into a series of tasks. But setting aside half an hour to ease into the day can dramatically  enhance your wellbeing. This could mean enjoying a big, steaming mug of fresh coffee or tea while you read a book or listen to your favourite podcast. Or maybe you’d prefer to do some gentle yoga stretches. It doesn’t matter exactly what you do, the point is it’s time for you. That pile of laundry can wait!


I promise… to listen to whole albums again

In the old days, listening to music was a ritual: blowing the dust off a record, before dropping the needle into the groove and devoting the next 40 minutes to just… listening. 

Now, of course, we have access to more music than ever, but we rarely switch everything off to listen to one album in a go – forcing us to devote some time to ourselves, without interruption, as well as discovering an artist’s original musical vision. 

So once a week, why not promise yourself you’ll sit down with a cup of coffee and a bowl of PROMISES®, to listen to a classic album you’ve never heard right through?

To get outdoors

I promise… to get outdoors

Okay, this is a big country, and we’re pretty reliant on our cars, but have you considered walking or cycling for shorter journeys? 

Not only is it cheaper than spending money on gas, and better for our air quality, but walking or biking in your local area has proven benefits for your mental and physical health.

If it’s not safe to bike to work, why not look for local walking and bicycling routes?


I promise… to ask for help

Sometimes we fear that asking for help makes us look weak, whether that’s practical help such as asking your partner to do more around the house or emotional support when we’re feeling a bit low. But actually it’s a sign of strength. So how do you reach out to others when you need support? The answer is that, like pretty much everything in life, it’s a case of practise makes perfect. You need to get used to speaking up when you feel overloaded at work and comfortable picking up the phone to a friend to tell them you’re fed-up. Chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised by people’s reactions, and realise you have more of a ‘support team’ than you thought.

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